About Us

Wedowee Landscaping & Nursery

Located in beautiful Wedowee, AL, Wedowee Landscape & Nursery provides Class-A services backed by 37 years of experience right here in our local area. Wedowee Landscape and Nursery will work with you to reach your full potential when it comes to landscaping or additions to your property . We have a wide range of design and horticultural experience from lawn maintenance to hardscapes and irrigation. This includes custom lawn care plans, irrigation, outdoor lighting, paver installation, retaining walls, fences, and custom outdoor fireplaces.
With 37 years experience in the landscaping industry, we have valuable employees that are well versed in servicing and providing all of your landscaping needs. Our service area ranges from locations like Wedowee, Roanoke and the entire Randolph County area and we are branching out to new areas such as the West Georgia and East Alabama areas.

About Wedowee Landscape & Nursery

Wedowee Landscape & Nursery offers professional design and installation services to all of our customers at a reasonable price with plans available for routine maintenance catered to your needs. We are dedicated to designing a landscape tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Whether you are highlighting existing gardens, renovating a landscape or starting from a new project and not sure where to begin. We have your answer which is you are need of our professional staff at Wedowee Landscape & Nursery and we welcome the opportunity to work along side with you or your team in creating exterior experiences to enhance your outdoor living space.